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Hepatitis A and Listeria infections are commonly reported to authorities due to food poisoning. Hepatitis A infections can occur through direct contact with food or water by an infected person. Listeria infection can occur from ingesting food (such as frozen foods) contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. Food poisoning can often cause fever, muscle aches, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal problems which can sometimes lead to more serious complications, especially for newborns, pregnant women, older adults or adults with weakened immune systems.

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Costco is back in the news with yet another frozen food recall this year. As you may remember, in April of 2016, Costco was under fire for a hepatitis outbreak linked to frozen organic fruit under the Nature’s Touch brand that is exclusively sold at Costco. During this outbreak, 12 people had confirmed Hepatitis A infection and three people were hospitalized.

The more recent recall of frozen produce sold in Costco stores is related to Costco’s third-party production facility and supplier – CRF Frozen Foods LLC. This massive recall, which comprises of 358 products and 42 brands, affects some products that were sold in Costco stores in the entire United States and Canada. CRF Frozen Foods LLC also produces products for other major retailers – including Trader’s Joe’s, Safeway, Walmart, and others.

CRF Frozen Foods LLC, a major frozen food grower and producer out of Pasco Washington, initially issued its voluntary recall on April 23, 2016 citing that fifteen of its frozen vegetable items were possibly contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. The recall is a result of a routine FDA inspection at CRF Frozen Foods LLC’s Pasco, Washington production plant. At the time, no illnesses had been reported. Costco was noted as one of the major retailers impacted by the outbreak. On or about May 3, 2016, the recall was expanded to include other retailers, including Walmart, Trader Joe’s and Safeway, and additional brands were added to the growing list of potentially tainted produce.

On its website, in its Recall section, Costco posted the CRF Frozen Foods LLC’s press release recall notice. At this time, Costco does not appear to have made any other announcements relating to the recall.

Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have now labeled this event as an outbreak. The CDC released that they have been collaborating with public health officials and the FDA to investigate. Thus far, eight people have been hospitalized with contracting listeria from compromised frozen produce. Two have died. The CDC reports that CRF Frozen Foods LLC’s Pasco, Washington production facility may have been compromised as long ago as May 1, 2014. Not only is the length of time from the suspicion of the contamination to the announcement of an outbreak concerning, but also the fact that frozen food has a long shelf life. As this outbreak deals with frozen foods, it is likely that the consumer may not even realize that they have contaminated products in their home.

If you suspect that you may have purchased frozen produce from Costco, or any other retailer as mentioned above, check your freezer to see if your products are related to the current recall. The CDC recommends not to eat any recalled produce, organic or traditional, even if you have already consumed the product or it looks safe.

Signs and symptoms of listeria can begin shortly after to a few days after ingestion of compromised foods. These symptoms include: fever, muscle aches, nausea, diarrhea, and in some instances convulsions, headaches, loss of alertness, sensitivity to light, and confusion. Pregnant women should be especially aware of these symptoms, as listeria could cause severe complications to the fetus.

It is encouraged that, if you have become ill, ask your physician to order a stool sample to determine whether you have indeed become ill with listeria.

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